Grupa Azoty is a major producer and supplier of chemicals for the chemical industry, in the form of both ready-made components for the production of final products (fertilisers, plastics, OXO alcohols and plasticizers, as well as finished products), and substances which are supplementary for the operation of industrial installations.

The Group also produces catalysts (iron, iron-chromium, copper), which are used in chemical syntheses in the production of ammonia, hydrogen and synthesis gas. In 2010, the range of chemicals was expanded with NOXY®, urea solution used for the selective reduction of nitric oxides in diesel engines fitted with the SCR system.

The long-term experience of the specialists of Grupa Azoty and the reliable system of the technological processes supervision in all production stages guarantee safety and the highest quality of chemicals available.

  • Catalysts
  • Organic chemicals
  • Inorganic chemicals

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