Fertilisers are a key manufacturing segment at Grupa Azoty. 

Well-known and trusted fertiliser producers (from Tarnów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Police, Puławy, Gdańsk and Chorzów) have joined forces in a newly formed Group with top capacity in Poland to manufacture compound and nitrogen fertilisers, including nitrogen fertilisers with sulphur, as well as liquid fertilisers. The consolidation has also solidified the Group’s position in the European market where it is the second largest manufacturer of compound fertilisers and the third largest of nitrogen and liquid fertilisers. Modern inorganic fertilisers manufactured and sold by Grupa Azoty are enriched with scarce essential secondary nutrients: sulphur and magnesium, while some are additionally enriched with the commonly scarce boron.

The most universal principle in agricultural science – Liebig’s Law of the Minimum – states that yield is proportional to the amount of the scarcest nutrient. The wide range of fertilisers marketed by Grupa Azoty enables farmers to respect this principle. The use of fertilisers manufactured by the Group contributes to the development of root systems as well as the use of mineral resources and water by crops, bringing greater natural and economic effectiveness to the fertiliser application.

The mineral fertilisers manufactured by Grupa Azoty can be divided into the following sub-categories:

  • compound fertilisers such as Polifoska®, Polidap®, Polimag® and Amofoska®  which, as complex fertilisers, are characterised by homogeneous composition of each granule, high assimilability and significant concentration of pure ingredients in the fertiliser mass; the offer comprises also a phosphorous fertiliser – enriched Superphosphate, 
  • nitrogen fertilisers - widely used and universally active such as PULAN® (ammonium nitrate), ZAKsan® (ammonium nitrate 32% N), Salmag®, urea (including®, PULREA®) as well as the solution of urea and ammonium nitrate (UAN),
  • nitrogen fertilisers with sulphur - particularly essential in the Group’s product portfolio such as: Saletrosan®, Salmag® with sulphur, Polifoska®21 and ammonium sulphate manufactured in Puławy under the trade name PULSAR®. Liquid RSM® (UAN, urea and ammonium nitrate solution) is also an important product within the nitrogen fertiliser product range.

The high quality of Grupa Azoty’s fertiliser products is owed to manufacturing processes based not on physical methods (milling, crushing or mixing) but rather on chemical processes. Nitrogen-based chemicals are also manufactured in this segment, including ammonia, AdBlue® (a solution of urea used for the selective reduction of nitrogen oxides in diesel engines) and mixed acids.

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