Grupa Azoty SIARKOPOL produces pure elemental sulfur, which is a particularly valuable and widely-used raw material in the modern chemical industry. Liquid elemental sulfur is obtained by pumping superheated process water into a sulfur deposit, and then extracting the molten sulfur using condensed air. Sulfur acquired in this way meets the requirements of the PN-70/C-84083 standard.

Sulfur has a wide array of applications, including in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, phosphate fertilizers, plant protection products and tyres and rubber; in the vulcanisation of natural and synthetic rubber, and in the production of cellulose and synthetic fibres. Sulfur is also used in the steel, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. SIARKOPOL also uses sulfur to produce carbon disulfide.

We supply the following sulfur products:
  • molten sulfur
  • prilled sulfur
  • tablets sulphur  
  • milled sulfur – with or without naphthenic oil (1%, 2% or 2.5%)
  • insoluble sulfur – (trade name: Polsinex)

03.03.2014 - Product gallery: Sulfur

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